It’s Been Awhile.

It has been nearly 3 years since i last posted on this blog.

I actually have been working on another site – World Informant (Check it out).

I also have another podcast going, also called World Informant Podcast  (I will include the podcast player at the end of this short post.)

My new site is along the same as this, with less focus on politics. I will still return here once in awhile to cover some political issues, but my most recent work will be on worldinformant.com.



Introduction to the Intel Report

Welcome to the Intel Report where I will discuss topics that I feel are of universal importance.

I will do my best to introduce the facts, afterwhich, I might offer my opinions based on my own analysis and experiences.

This blog is supplemental to my Podcasts which you can find at BlogTalkRadio and Podbean.

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I welcome all comment, suggestions, and feedback.



China, COVID-19, Chinese Culture, and Social media apps WeChat and TikTok

I just finished a podcast with an update on the COVID-19 situation in China – as I see it.

Since there is such a difference in culture between China and many Western countries, I also covered some of the differences I have experienced. I did this not to emphasize one culture over another…I did it to help everyone understand how perception is often far different than reality.

The ongoing media story-telling is not helping the situation in China, nor is it helping globally.

I commend the efforts to contain, control and learn how to prevent this new disease.

Listen to my podcast or read through the transcript at worldinformant.com.

The First Amendment: How are You Protected?

One of the most misunderstood “rights” in America is our First Amendment protection…what does it really mean?

Hello and thank you for stopping by.  I am going to discuss the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

The First Amendment is often referred to for freedom of speech, religion, the right protest, and even freedom of the press. Those assumptions are not entirely inaccurate, however, there is much more to it than the blanket approvals many people assume it represents. Since the United States is a country governed by the rule of law, it is important to understand the Constitution at a greater depth.

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President Trump’s Tour of Asia

President Trump’s highly anticipated visit to some of our most important trade and economic partners in Asia.

Today, I am going to talk about President’s Trumps 12-day tour in Asia, and the significance of each nation he intends to visit.

From what I understand, this is expected to be a 12-day trip with visits by the President of the United States (@POTUS) to five nations, which are Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Although the consensus throughout the media is that his focus will be on North Korea, he will also engage in other important issues at each location.

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The Plague is Spreading and It Barely Makes the News

A plague outbreak may not be as interesting as criminals such as Hillary Clinton, nor as intriguing as the FBI and DOJ ignoring Uranium One and our national security, but I think it definitely needs more attention.

Hello and thank you for stopping by…today, I am going to talk about recent outbreaks of the plague.

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Indictments, Deals, and Corruption

With the Mueller collusion farce troupe bringing indictments and copping deals, it’s becoming more intriguing to see how much effort the most dangerous people in our own government will go in order to distract from their real jobs and real responsibilities – just to sideshow their own involvement in crimes against the American people and our way of life.

Hello, and thank you for stopping by…

Today I am going to touch on some of the recent headlines…mainly, the indictment of Paul Manafort and Richard Gates…and, the secret guilty plea of George Papadopoulos.

First, I must say that Robert Mueller is seriously grasping for anything at this point to save himself. I read through the indictment and there is no indication, nor any mention of the Trump campaign, President Donald Trump, or collusion with the Russians – here is the full text of the indictment.

Basically, Manafort and Gates are being charged with crimes centering around their alleged involvement with Ukraine politics, which led to numerous accusations of tax crimes, money laundering crimes, and so forth. And, the dates listed in the indictment are fairly vague (at times) and seemed to be “umbrella’d” artificially to cover the dates they were involved with the Trump Campaign – although, no direct mention is made to that effect.

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Reactive Education Fails

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. Today I am going to discuss education.

I want to cover some important issues about education in America for a number of reasons.  What sparked this discussion was some ignorant comments made on one of the local media programs by one of its hosts.

The question was raised as to whether or not the new “patriotism” training required at College of the Ozarks was valuable. Without getting into the actual debate, I wanted to touch on the responses given by one of the show’s hosts. When asked her opinion, she said she thought such a class could “backfire” and actually inspire anti-patriotic feelings. That comment alone definitely made me raise an eyebrow, but what came next was far more concerning for me. She continued by saying she felt the college should concentrate on “basic civics” instead of patriotism. She based her argument on the fact that most Americans “can’t even name the three branches of the government.”

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Corruption and Chaos in the FBI & DOJ

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. Today, I am talking about the deep corruption in the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ)…and, I will tie it into some of the recent scandals.

Robert Mueller’s so-called investigation leaves a lot to be desired…and, I am putting it lightly. In case you don’t know who Robert Mueller is, he is the special counsel the Justice Department appointed to oversee the investigation into the made up story and accusations surrounding the so-called “collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

A recent report from The Hill suggests – from government documents and interviews – that the FBI was aware of the criminal inter-workings between Russia and the United States prior to Obama approving the controversial uranium deal in 2010. From the information I gathered, much of this was discovered even earlier in 2009 – and even earlier still. The reports reveal that Russian nuclear industry “officials were engaged in bribery, extortion, money laundering” and other criminal behavior in order to help grow Russian atomic interests on American soil…and, all this culminated during the Uranium One deal signed off by Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State. And, this put into motion millions of dollars being channeled to the Clinton Foundation while she was in office – benefiting her and Bill directly, but without the public being aware, and without public accessibility.

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Karma in the Form of Truth – the Importance of the Russian Dossier

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. I want to talk a bit about the importance of the Russian Dossier, and how this apparent 180-degree flip is significant (flipping from the “collusion” of the Trump campaign, to the truth) – for reasons other than just the obvious ones.

First, most of the major media outlets…the ones who so adamantly covered the “collusion of Trump and the Russians”…are paddling in all directions to try and soften the blow to themselves…in other words, they are trying so hard to distract from their complicity to the real news, by attempting to distract from their assistance in all the lies.

The media outlets involved…and, I am referring to the CNNs, the NBCs, ABCs, and so forth…all of the mainstream media outlets that participated in exacerbating and amplifying all these lies should really be brought to justice as well. I understand and agree with a free press and freedom of speech…I am all for it, but they extended their rights while portraying themselves as “the press”, while willfully manipulating and twisting facts in order to promote political agendas. In my opinion they should at least pay the bill for all the tax-payer money spent correctly their mishandled information (I believe they knew they were lying, but I will play along with their claims of being “misinformed”, for now anyway)…let’s face it…they lied and they did so willingly, and maliciously.

At the very least, they should lose their press passes, and they should be slapped with heavy fines…in my opinion every single time each of those so-called “reporters” (or lackeys) impersonated a real news reporter (or a real member of the press), they should face fraud charges…if I went to the White House under false pretenses, I would face criminal charges…so, I think they should be held to the same level of accountability – or an even higher level, since they betrayed, and continue to betray public trust.

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Florida’s Embarrassing Congresswoman, Tax Reform & More

Today, I am going to discuss several issues.

First, and I don’t usually like to name people, especially people seeking attention. In this case, I am doing so for awareness…most people that keep up with current events probably already know about the Frederica Wilson and what a disgrace she is…first she politicized the way President Trump corresponded with families of service members’ families; and, most recently she made jokes and laughed about her disrespectful behavior…then she called herself a “rock star”.

We all know many rock stars get themselves into trouble with the law, and they often end up having their mugshots posted all over the internet…well, there is nothing respectful about that; however, it is probably somewhat expected, as many of them live their lives like they perform and play their music…I am not validating their behaviors, but honestly, I never thought less of them for it (unless it was abusive, or it somehow caused harm to fans or bystanders, or otherwise). This, to me, seemed part of the lifestyle for many of them, and I didn’t worry so much since they make a living entertaining people…and, seeing them go to jail was somewhat entertaining…in a kind of morbid way, I guess. Anyway, they aren’t leaders and my expectations are quite low to start with…Ms. Wilson, however, is in Congress, and she is expected to be respectful and a leader…I know I am stretching it, because she never has shown any leadership, and she is really a poor excuse for a Representative.

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