California’s 43rd District

Today I am going to discuss California’s 43rd congressional district.

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Before I get too far into the discussion, I bet you are wonder why am I picking out this district, and why is it important?

CA - 43rd District
Congressional District 43 – California

There are no short answers to those questions. If you live in the United States, then you probably already know something about the district…and, most likely you’ve heard it through the media…as I have mentioned in previous discussions, the media has evolved into less of a news reporting platform, and into more of a platform of persuasion and storytelling. In short, most of what you get from the media is “targeted excerpts, partial truths, and in most cases, completely fabricated story-lines” – all of which are designed to emotional attract viewers through their personal passions, beliefs and their overall desire to have their own voices heard.

In my opinion, the media is not a friend, nor an ally…they have their own agendas, so it is better to find the facts out for yourself, then determine your opinions based on your own personal analysis. I admit most people don’t take the time to do this…and that is exactly why the media is so successful. But I believe a lot of people are waking up and the media’s games are coming to an end unless they revert back to their proper role of reporting news, instead of story telling and public persuasion.

News Reporter Interview
Media Reporter Interview

Enough said about the media. Why is the 43rd District important? In short, there are about 700,000 people living there, and the people representing them in Washington seemed to always be in the media, and it is rare that those representatives ever speak as if they are the voice of the people they represent. So, since they are so loud, yet seem to say nothing important for those 700,000 people, I am going to analyze the situation so you know the facts…instead of what the media passes over the airwaves.

Some background first…where is California’s 43rd district? It is in the Southern part of Los Angeles county and includes portions of the cities of Los Angeles, Carson, Torrance, Gardena, Hawthrone, Lawndale, Inglewood, and Lomita.

At least that’s the present geographic situation…there were some redistricting proceedings in the recent past, and things shifted around a bit.

Now for some statistics and demographics on the district. This information may not be exciting, but it is important if you wish to understand the district better.

About 58% of the people are between the ages of 18 and 65…three quarters of which have a HS diploma, with less than 25% holding a college degree. A little more than half are female…now, here is where fact finding takes a turn – the racial distribution: 24% Black, 47% Hispanic…37% white, however, only 14% are white, not Hispanic or Latino…so, based on the US census bureau, the 37% reported as just white are actually white-Hispanic or Latino…so, to adjust the numbers that makes 24% black, which is unchanged at this point, 70% Hispanic, 14% white, not Hispanics, 13% Asian, 4% listed as 2 or more races, and half a % as native america or Alaska-native…kind of confusing, but to make things even more confusing, those are statistics for 125% of the people in that district. Seems odd to me, but those are the official numbers, so I will move on.

Housing…there is about 42% home ownership rate with the median value around $380,000 (which is about $195,000 more than the median value in the entire United States…okay, here’s another gem for you…the average household income is $45,245, with 20% of all the people below the poverty line. Now, the average income in the US is $53,000, so let’s get some perspective here…the average house in the US cost about $186,000…and the average income is about $53,000…in this district, the average home cost is around $380,000 which is nearly $200,000 more than the US average, yet the average income in that district is only $45,000 which is about $8,000 less than the average in the US…these are the numbers, I am not making this up.

I am going to stop drowning you with statistics for a moment and get onto to the leadership…the very vocal representatives for the people of this district. I want to start with Maxine Waters. For starters, she has been in politics for a very long time…since the early to mid-1970s…she started working for a city councilman in 1973, actually entered the California State Assembly in 1976…so we will start there. I found it very hard to get hard facts at times, so some of this information holds less merit than I would like. I did filter out media coverage and other politicized garbage in order to paint, what I consider, the most accurate picture I can.

Once Ms. Waters entered the General Assembly, she helped pass legislation deterring state businesses from doing business with South Africa as a voice against the policy of apartheid. I don’t have much more there, but she eventually moved to be elected in 1990 to the US House of Representatives for the 29th District…which later changed, in part, into the 35th district…now, with the redistricting, she represents the 43rd district.

Now…let me pause for a moment….I have covered some of the basics about the 43rd District…leading up to its representation. There is no convenient way to move forward, so I am just going to cover some key points.

Randy's Donuts
Landmark in Inglewood, California

First, what is the job description for a US Representative? Well, I did the best I could to read through the constitution and all the rules and sections and so forth, and there isn’t a clearly defined job description – however, I was able to gather that the main functions are to make laws, represent the people, perform oversight, help constituents, and educate the people. I look into Ms. Waters history as a lawmaker, and found almost nothing…she has introduced (or been a party to some legislation), much of which has failed, and nothing of which is substantial. So, the next responsibility is representing the people…I will skip that for now and cover it later…after that is perform oversight, help constituents, and educate the people…as I looked through her record I could find no evidence for or against her directly in these areas…which, leads me to believe she probably didn’t pay much attention to them as there is nothing to show for any of it.

Now, representing the people. Let’s look at her district again…24% black, 70% Hispanic, 14% white, not Hispanics, 13% Asian, 4% listed as 2 or more races, and half a % as native america or Alaska-native…that about sums up all 125% of the people in her district. I also want to point out her salary of $174,000 – let me remind you that the people in her district, the people she is representing average less than $46,000 per year, which is below the national average…also, 25% of her district has income below the national poverty level.

Okay, representing the people…she was integral in getting the Housing Opportunities Move the Economy Forward Act of 2014 which allocated money into the National Housing Trust Fund, which could then allocated to provide support for rental housing for the lowest income families. That showed representation for 20% of her district. Now what about the other 75% (or, if you go back to the official numbers, what about the other 100%)…silence…well, not really, let me explain. She co-sponsored a bill demanding reparations for slavery be paid to black Americans…that might be considered “representing” for the 24% of her district that is black.

Some of her other notable actions…she supported Castro in Cuba…she has visited there a number of times, and she even aided an american fugitive and convicted cop-killer seek asylum by writing a letter to Castro after the fugitive’s escape of course, pleading with him to allow her to stay since she was a political prisoner since she was black…additionally she has been an outspoken opponent of almost every one that isn’t black, or that seeks justice for black criminals…in the 1990s during the riots following the Rodney King verdict, she sanctioned the looting of a local stores by black residents (I read that the stores where owned by Koreans, so that is a negative marked for her representing the 13% Asian population in her district).

I won’t go through all her rhetoric, but she always brings race into the conversation and into her actions – I even saw a report that she called Ben Carson (a black physician) a white supremacist…I really think she is so fixed on race that nothing else matters.

So, to summarize briefly, since coming into office almost 30 years ago, she hasn’t really been a lawmaker, she has really performed her other duties in oversight, helping her constituents, nor educating the people…and, she clearly doesn’t represent the people in her district…even if you argue that all her race ranting is representation, that only covers 24% of her district.

US House Salaries
Salary for US House of Representatives

Now, I want to sidestep and discuss her income….$174,000…well, that is her salary…she has many benefits, many of which are an abomination in my opinion…and, since they exists, it shows she clearly has failed in her oversight duties…but, since it benefits her, she probably will pass the buck to someone else and just continue reaping the benefits…and those benefits amount to more than $1.2 million in discretionary spending…I am talking specifically about The Members’ Representational Allowance (MRA): supposed to be used for, Supporting Personnel, Office Expenses, Travel to
the District, and Mail for Members of the House…this is an allowance given to members of congress which is supposed to be used for official expenses…what a bunch of garbage…the exact allotment averages $1,268,520…so, add that to her salary and you get nearly $1.5 million…and, for what…to hear her constantly calling everyone a racist…to pay for her trips to Cuba so she can conspire with enemies of human rights and our own government…so, she can assist cop-killing fugitives get and stay out of the country, and avoid justice…so she can get in front of the camera and threaten our President, or her constituents (again, failure of her job, she is supposed to be helping her constituents)…so, she can negotiate with federal agencies to help advance the businesses of her family members.

You might be asking “who are you to question her?” You are not even in her district…well, her salary and her MRA allowance comes out of my taxes, so I do have a say…the people of the 43rd District are no better off than they were the first day she was elected to office in 1990…in fact, they are worse off…and during those three decades, she has ensured her families prosperity, and not the properity of those she represents…and she has done so on my dime.

I will end on that note. Please let me know your comments and your thoughts and any suggestions you have for this broadcast or future broadcasts (or blog posts).

Thank you for listening (or reading)and check back soon.

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