The Weakest Links in American Culture

Today I am going to talk about what I call the inevitable meltdown…

Let’s start with the meltdown in Hollywood…what a perfect illustration of Hollywood and its culture. Make no mistake about it, we created this culture by enabling it, worshiping it, and dreaming of being part of all the wealth and fame…but, now we can see what it really is…a complete meltdown of what happens when the entire world is built upon fake lives, fake ethic, fabricated news, stories of success that are just cover-ups and more cover-ups of the corruption and godlessness – well, not godlessness, as power and money are their gods – and, all of it was fake and imagined and so well orchestrated by each celebrity…and, their biggest ally has been and is the media for giving them – all of them – the perfect platform to further their imaginary lives of glory and success.

The truth is they are all failures…failures to themselves, and to our culture. They failed to be responsible…they failed to be ethical, and they failed to represent our culture to the rest of the world. Somewhere in our minds, we knew it, but it was all part of the process…the epidemic of their version of the fabricated and warped projection of the American dream – wealth and glory and peace and harmony…it was a lie and we knew it…but, just like any entertaining film, we watched and dreamed and imagined…and now the truth is so far exposed, no one can imagine it like we wanted to…we wanted all our favorite personas to really be givers and great philanthropists, and we wanted the world outside our borders to envy the America dream, and the reality of the American successes through our celebrities and our movies, and through the media.

Well, the truth sucks, but it was always there…the America they portrayed is the America we all wanted, but they people we put in place to illustrate our dreams and stories were and still are the worst of our culture. The American dream and American culture is a culture of success…but through hard-working, brilliant people – it is alive not in the corrupt society of Hollywood, but through the successes and failures of all the people that hold true to real american values and dreams…everyone one in our culture that earns an honest living, raises and supports a law-abiding, ethical family…everyone that gives of themselves, and saves lives of strangers…Hollywood was never who we were and it is not who we are…it is a fictional story that we indulged because it all entertained us.

I have admit, all our celebrities are in the fishbowl now…we allowed them for so long to look upon us from their apparently safe and elevated vantage points…their wealth and power was apparent, but not real, and true. Now that this fictional story is exposed and raw, and coming to an end,we need to tune into the reality that has always been there…America is great, the people are amazing, and the culture is awesome…Hollywood was never our reality…it is sad to see so much of what we wanted from them…the image, the glory…to see it all exposed is embarrassing, but the more they back peddle…the more they try and justify and the more they all lie – there is no saving them from the truth…so much of Hollywood was and is garbage, they can no longer hide…their lies are insulting and their attempts at covering it all up is not only hopeless, but insulting as they truly think we all believe them.

And this is not just about Hollywood…there is the NFL, and our sports leagues…because they get big paychecks, they really think they are more important than the rest of the country…it is awesome that they are exposed, and seeing each new movie tank, and the media’s rating collapse,and the NFL groveling for viewers and attendees…I am afraid it is too late, and now that they have stuck so long to their fabricated and self-serving narratives…well, we see you, and we do not like what we see, and we do not want you in positions you are no worthy of…so goodbye and we will rebuild to something that is true, honest, and in place the way we want, not the way they tell us.

Now, Harvey Weinstein…if all these allegations are true, he is just the first in line to go…and not gone, go…if it’s true, he needs to be held accountable…no rehab center can fix the damage already done for decades…but, he is just the scapegoat to all those who enabled him. I doubt the FBI, with all their corruption and politics, will handle this the way it needs to be handled…but, to properly and honestly clean up this mess, everyone involved needs to be held accountable…the enablers, the assessors, and the co-authors of this horrible story of abuse and criminal aggression…I watch the video of Ben Affleck and I’ve seen the pictures of Hillary and Bill, the Obamas, and even his accusers…all of them are trying to “come forward” so they appear to be victims…there probably are many victims, but that does not exempt them from accountability…at this point I offer my sympathies and kudos to Rose McGowan for coming forward…I wouldn’t think she is one of the accusers that also enabled…but the Gwyneth Paltrows and the Angelina Jolies…they knew, if they are indeed telling the truth, and they enabled him, and accepted his behavior just so they could get to where they wanted to be in life…well, either they are complete cowards, and knew they needed him and all his abuse to make it because they lacked what it took to do it on their own, or they just didn’t care enough about his next victim…from what I can tell, they didn’t lack the talent to do it on their own…and, although it might have taken them longer to reach their goal on their own merits, I am sure they would have gotten there eventually, but they all chose to enable, ignore, condone, and keep secrets…all at the expense of other people’s dignity, self-respect, and safety…they all need to be held accountable…victims, or not, they allowed and enabled this to go unchecked…for their own benefit…it is sad, and sick really…they don’t represent my America…some may call out that they are just actors, but what they allowed to go on is not about their fake roles and their imaginary lives…it is real, it is criminal, and it hurt many many people, if it is all true anyway.

I use to enjoy watching the movies, and watching football, but now it all makes me sick…for a long time now, I have felt like such a fool…just because they all have access to the media, more so than most people anyway, they treat us like fools…they actually feel that because they have good paychecks, and mass media coverage that whatever garbage comes out of their mouths…well, they think we are all stupid and naive and that we believe them, and they truly think their voice is more important than ours…well, they are very wrong. And, to top it all off, they are all weak and cowards, and many of them need to be held accountable and removed from the pedestals we’ve allowed them to put themselves upon.

So many are probably guilty of complicity, aiding and abetting, and there are probably many more accomplices to these crimes…accountability without limits…as Americans we need to clean this mess up…there should be no place in our culture…in our country…for any of this.

And, then there are the racists…Sean Combs, tooting about starting his own black league…what an idiot and what a destructive attitude to take on such an important issue…and, then there are the Seth Meyers saying don’t watch me if you like Trump…well, I didn’t watch your garbage anyway, but his arrogance and attitude speak volumes about his lack of strength, ethics and the tell more about his weaknesses and cowardliness…I don’t watch and I never needed his permission, nor his endorsement…I don’t need anything from him, including his acknowledgement…these are people in unique positions and, instead of do what we elevated them for…music, sports, comedy…they use their positions to divide and entice…they are destructive little people, and America is much better than that, and most Americans are far greater people than these guys, and no amount of rehab or coaching is going to correct such tainted character flaws.

American’s are great people…the media should try focusing on the greatness in America, and not the weak links…not the imaginary powerful and the poor in spirit…if the media focused on the truth, they would not be spinning their wheels so much trying to cover-up this or that, and they wouldn’t have to work so hard to convince us they were honest because the truth and honesty would be self-evident…it wouldn’t need so much production effort…weak and cowardly people will always try and cover up…they will always attempt to dodge and distract…I believe they are so deep in their own lies and poor choices, they cannot see what is real…I can see it…many other Americans can see…and it doesn’t appear to be something well-taken, nor well-liked or appreciated.

There is no learning curve either…NBC, good job topping CNN as king liar…you make me sick…from what I can see, many other Americans feel the same.

I truly love this country…America is the best…the people are the best…and, I believe that we are beginning to demand a higher standard for our image and self-respect.

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