Hollywood Scandal, California Secession, Cover-ups, Human Trafficking

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First, I want to take a look again at the scandal in Hollywood which seems to be centered on Harvey Weinstein…it just seems to be getting deeper…and, the deeper in gets, the more frantic people are becoming…it is really insulting to see some many people just now coming out with allegations – like they are so brave – yet, the truth is they just kept quiet…they participated, just to further their careers…and, many of them condoned all the abuses, knowing that so many more would become victims…once they “paid their dues”, they didn’t care about who else would get hurt…well, that’s really sad, and it is really criminal…by ignoring what they knew (if they truly knew, even if they were only exposed to it)…and, by allowing it to go on (burying their heads in the sand), they fueled it, and assisted in it…and, they enabled it.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recently expelled Harvey Weinstein…nothing has been proven, yet they hold an emergency meeting and expel him…this, folks, is them taking us all for fools…they are acting in a movie they expect us all to believe…they seem to think if they “all of sudden” despise this behavior, then they must just now be aware of it…what a load!

They are trying to take on the persona of ethical people because they were all party to these abuses and they expect us to go “Oh, they must be innocent since they have now expelled the bad guy.”

Here is some of what they said…referring to Harvey’s expulsion – article here…”We do so not simply to separate ourselves from someone who does not merit the respect of his colleagues but also to send a message that the era of willful ignorance and shameful complicity in sexual predatory behavior and workplace harassment in our industry is over. What’s at issue here is a deeply troubling problem that has no place in our society. The Board continues to work to establish ethical standards of conduct that all Academy members will be expected to exemplify.”

So, when they say “…someone who does not merit the respect of his colleagues…” they must be claiming that “none” of his colleagues knew of this and that “all, but him” are respectable, and he must be the only criminal here…it’s a load…it’s not believable, and I truly hope those complicit to it, those party to it, and everyone else who should have come forward at the onset are served with justice…nothing can ever erase the damage done here…not just by Harvey, but by the entire Hollywood that nurtured and harbored this environment…not just A-listers are victims…they are just the ones with quick access to the media…and, my guess is, that the media knew….i.e. NBC refusing to go with the Ronan Farrow’s report on the subject – article here – (real news must not have been on the agenda as usual)…or, how about in 2013 when Barbara Walters vigorously defended the culture when Corey Feldman for came forward – article here – part of her response to his allegations was that he was damaging an entire industry…really? Forget about the victims, let’s defend the industry responsible…it takes guts to come forward with this kind of thing, especially as a victim, and especially in a televised program…and her response was to defend the industry and face-slap the victims.

All these celebrities take us as idiots…”oh, we didn’t know…we don’t tolerate that…I only heard rumors…it was all Harvey Weinstein…just him, and no one else…”…sure…it will come out…the truth will come out…at least I hope the truth comes out…the whole truth…and this culture of hatred, abuse, power, and arrogance will be exposed and cleaned up…prison is where they need to go…and, by all means, don’t get the FBI to investigate…my grandchildren will be retired before we get the first timeline from them…and, then it will be so diluted and redacted that it will probably be worthless anyway…we need a private, non-affiliated, non-political investigation…or, we will never bring these people and this industry to justice for their part in this “organized crime”.

All this talk about the extreme corruption and abuses of Hollywood brings me into the a similar topic which is the secession of California from the United States.

I believe this the third attempt for this initiative, and honestly it wreaks of a child not getting his or her way – the typical 2-year-old’s grocery store tantrum where the humiliated parents are caught with their toddler flopping around the grocery store tiles screaming because they aren’t getting toys and candy.

The legal implications are complicated to say the least…but, if we could all wave our magic wands, we’d probably do so to make the exit easy for them…the state is financially mismanaged, and they seem to just pick out laws of the nation and go the opposite direction just to be different, with no forethought and no planning and no care in the world as to the outcome…as much as I would like to see much of that culture and mindset removed from our union, it is a dishonest opinion on my part…there are many Californians who still honor the union, and many that don’t deserve to be forced into a situation they want no part of…now, that may be the minority…I really don’t know, but the loudest voices seem to dilute the truth as always, and this secession seems to be popular with the majority of the “loud” population…and, the media, which we all know won’t report the news, will just pick out fragments of truth and create emotionally driving story-lines so they can continue to distract from all their other lies and misrepresentations of the news.

Let’s imagine what California would do as an independent nation during the wildfires…or, now, the hepatitis outbreak…I open my email this morning, and voilà…California has declared a state of emergency, once more, this time for hepatitis, which has claimed more than 18 lives, and hospitalized more than 500. In case you didn’t know, declaring a state of emergency is basically asking the Federal Government for assistant, and something they severely lack….MONEY!

So, while they are drafting a new secession plan, they are begging for money and assistance, from the same Federal Government they want to escape. Last time I checked, while we were drafting our independence plan as a nation, we didn’t go to England and say, please send help and money before we declare our sovereignty.

Secede or not, the people of California need to be smart, and I truly don’t think the loudest of their population are capable of that.

Something positive that is evolving from this scandal in Hollywood is the slow, but certain unveiling of how deep the real corruption is. The most corrupt and wealthiest in Hollywood gave big money to promote politicians, such as the Clintons and Obamas…obviously this let them share the power, and reap the benefits…it also put them all in a league together…big money paid for big deceptions, cover-ups, lies, and in some instances, legislation, which all fell into place allowing them to remain unchecked and unaccountable…it is all unraveling…however, the corruption is so deep that it is going to take real effort from Americans to clean house…in my opinion, any loose end left untied will just seed the future for more of the same…and, if we don’t clean it up now, and clean it up right, we will allow them to learn from their mistakes, and it will be so much harder, if not impossible to fix in the future…the time to regain our country and our dignity and our morals is now…later will most likely be far too late. The victims from the past, those in the present deserve it, and our complicity will only allow for more victims in the future.

Okay, the last topic I want to talk about is human trafficking…I came across an article recently which sparked my memory regarding such an important topic – click here for the article. It is a horrible problem and it is a thriving criminal business…a business of the worst kind in my opinion. The article is worth the read as it provides some valuable information, references and insights.

Just to hit some of the high points though…there are hundreds of millions of people trafficked each year…most of which are young women, however, there is quite a large number of children, both boys and girls, as well as both adult men and women. The majority of the victims are abducted, then sold on the black market as slaves, and from the information I have, most of them are being sold as sex slaves in the middle east.

There is a secret organized crime group called “black death” and they operate primarily in Europe, and they tend to focus on people that venture off by themselves, however, they have also been known to drug people in social environments such as clubs, bars, and resorts.

Now, this may not be news to you, and I really was aware of it, however, like many others, since it had not affected me or my family directly, I seemed a bit detached from it, and I really didn’t know how widespread it was…it seemed to be something one might read about in an article once in awhile…that’s all…but, it actually has hundreds of millions of victims every year…and it is estimated to be a $300 billion industry…to me, that is something that needs to be taken more seriously. In America, we are now attacking opioids because of the number of people it affects. This industry seems to go less noticed…yet, it actually effects many more people…and, the problem is present right here in the states. It will definitely be a topic I research more thoroughly…I have children, and I have family, and I cannot imagine any of them going through what these victims are forced into. Please take the time to follow the link to the article here…it is not an advertisement and I do not profit from it…it is actually written in Chinese, so you might need to translate the text.

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