Florida’s Embarrassing Congresswoman, Tax Reform & More

Today, I am going to discuss several issues.

First, and I don’t usually like to name people, especially people seeking attention. In this case, I am doing so for awareness…most people that keep up with current events probably already know about the Frederica Wilson and what a disgrace she is…first she politicized the way President Trump corresponded with families of service members’ families; and, most recently she made jokes and laughed about her disrespectful behavior…then she called herself a “rock star”.

We all know many rock stars get themselves into trouble with the law, and they often end up having their mugshots posted all over the internet…well, there is nothing respectful about that; however, it is probably somewhat expected, as many of them live their lives like they perform and play their music…I am not validating their behaviors, but honestly, I never thought less of them for it (unless it was abusive, or it somehow caused harm to fans or bystanders, or otherwise). This, to me, seemed part of the lifestyle for many of them, and I didn’t worry so much since they make a living entertaining people…and, seeing them go to jail was somewhat entertaining…in a kind of morbid way, I guess. Anyway, they aren’t leaders and my expectations are quite low to start with…Ms. Wilson, however, is in Congress, and she is expected to be respectful and a leader…I know I am stretching it, because she never has shown any leadership, and she is really a poor excuse for a Representative.

For those who don’t know already, she represents the most heavily Democratic district in Florida, the 24th district, which is in Southern Florida – for demographics: 38% white, 2% Asian, 32% Hispanic, 55% black, and 4% other…and, if you did the math like I did, that comes out to around 131%…so, as I have mentioned before, the numbers are clearly out of touch with what is practical, unless of course, they are manipulated around the white, white-Hispanic, non-white Hispanic, non-Hispanic white, black Hispanic, non-black Hispanic, thing…whatever, so her district appears to be mostly black.

Now, since she is going to insult the President for the way he handles one of his most difficult undertakings – and, that is calling families of wounded and killed service members – then I am going to detail her failures as a member of congress (I would include her successes also, just to be fair, but she has none…zero success….100% failure).

First, and probably her most ridiculous efforts were put forth when she went after the ban on head coverings during the House sessions…this ban dates back nearly 200 years, and she made it a priority, since she likes to wear colorful hats. As a Representative of a very poor district in southern Florida, she probably should focus on them, but she apparently places more value on wasting tax-payer money fighting against a 200 year-old policy banning head coverings.

To show her compete ignorance, the colorful hats she so dearly cherishes are often “cowboy” style hats. She apparently doesn’t know their origin, since she uses the “race card” and “racist” label on so many Americans, yet she often dons hats reflecting on part of the heritage she pretends to abhor.

Now, some may argue that the style is from Mexican decent…and there is evidence to support some influence on the design from Mexico…however, the credit for the modern design goes to John Batterson Stetson. Anyway, as trivial as it sounds, and it really is trivial, but I hope that sinks into her empty head…every time she wears one of her cherished hats, she is wearing the design inspired by the heritage she berates and claims is founded in part on racism. I would expect her to back-peddle and claim it is more so inspired by the lightweight Mexican head coverings…I also read from unsubstantiated online sources, she wears those hats to honor her grandmother…anyway….that is really insignificant compared to the neglect she shows her district…and, her job is to represent them, not live a good life while parading around in colorful hats…she is really not fit for office in my opinion.

Here is some history on her which is more relevant…she was elected to the US House in 2010…well, technically so anyway, as she was unopposed in the general election. Once in office, she flipped on her support for the “stand your ground” law in Florida after the Trayvon Martin case back in 2012. She voted in support of the law, but after she claimed racism and racial profiling in the case…she then criticized the law (which she at first supported) with the weak argument that new laws often work against the people.

To summarize the breakdown of her district, there is about 54% employment rate,which is below the national average of nearly 61%; and, the average income is around $38,000, which is well below the national average of around $56,000 – and even below the average income in the state of Florida, which is about $50,000. About half the people in her district do not have or never obtain a high school Diploma, and less than 30% go on to higher education – compared to the United States and Florida respectively…83% nationally and 81% for Florida.

So, while she is parading around in colorful hats, and attacking the President for attempting to reach out to families of lost service members, she has completely neglected her district…all the while, proudly bringing in her $174,000 per year salary, along with her $1,268,520 from her Members’ Representational Allowance (MRA) – just a horrible example of what lurks in the unlit corners of our political society, in my opinion.

Enough time wasted about such a vile individual. I want to touch on something I found interesting regarding the recent tax reforms…I haven’t dug too deep into it yet, but I did read some interesting points made by Senator Michael Enzi from Whyoming – he is the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, and here are some of his remarks from October 18th…

“…let me repeat that. The total time-burden for tax compliance is more than 6 billion hours. That is a lot of family time. That costs families and small businesses nearly $34 billion a year on tax software and other out-of-pocket expenses, as well as—this is the important part—$229 billion in time and labor to comply with the Tax Code. The Tax Code’s combined burden of $263 billion is more than the gross domestic
product of 154 nations. To understand just how complex and outdated the U.S. Tax Code has become, it is important to put it in the historical context of how it has grown over the years. In 1913, the 1040 Income Tax Form consisted of three pages, with one page of instructions. More than 100 years later, that same form now consists of 2 pages, with 106 pages of basic instructions and, depending on taxpayer circumstances, 13 separate schedules, each with numerous pages of instructions. In fact, there are more than 70,000 pages of instructions in total. This is why, every tax season, Americans are forced to wade through an ever-changing labyrinth of forms and regulations when they file their returns.”

I will review some of the reforms further before addressing the issue more directly, since I feel I need to better understand them before commenting. I did, however, like the way President Trump negotiated with the Democrats though…he offered to increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion, and then slash Medicare and Medicaid by $1.5 trillion…I never want the deficit increased, but if it comes down to it, I am glad he slashed into some of the fat by an equal amount anyway.

And, finally, in other news, the criminality of the Obamas, and the Clintons is slowly coming into brighter, less-deniable light…and their entire network of corrupt Uranium-smuggling pay-offs is unraveling…I truly hope prison is on their horizon, and justice is truly served for the American people.

Meanwhile, in Gile, Mozambique, the United Nations is pulling out due to vampire fears from the locals, leading to riots, looting and other violence.

Thank you for tuning in…please let me know your comments, feedback, and suggestions.

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Please check back soon.

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