Corruption and Chaos in the FBI & DOJ

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. Today, I am talking about the deep corruption in the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ)…and, I will tie it into some of the recent scandals.

Robert Mueller’s so-called investigation leaves a lot to be desired…and, I am putting it lightly. In case you don’t know who Robert Mueller is, he is the special counsel the Justice Department appointed to oversee the investigation into the made up story and accusations surrounding the so-called “collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

A recent report from The Hill suggests – from government documents and interviews – that the FBI was aware of the criminal inter-workings between Russia and the United States prior to Obama approving the controversial uranium deal in 2010. From the information I gathered, much of this was discovered even earlier in 2009 – and even earlier still. The reports reveal that Russian nuclear industry “officials were engaged in bribery, extortion, money laundering” and other criminal behavior in order to help grow Russian atomic interests on American soil…and, all this culminated during the Uranium One deal signed off by Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State. And, this put into motion millions of dollars being channeled to the Clinton Foundation while she was in office – benefiting her and Bill directly, but without the public being aware, and without public accessibility.

The implications are typical, as both the Clintons and Obamas spend massive amounts of tax-payer money hiding and covering-up all their shady and illegal activities…needless to say, they all benefited, and did so at the expense of national security and at huge expenses to tax-payers.

Now, back to Robert Mueller (the person in charge of this so-called investigation). Most of his staff has direct ties to the people at the center of this scandal…much of his staff donated money to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and, they all have reasons to distract and distort the truth. This investigation is clearly a baseless “witch hunt” being conducted by the very people we should be investigating and holding accountable…it is now being labeled as the “Scandal of the Century”, which I don’t think is an understatement at all – the FBI did nothing when all this was first discovered…additionally, the Justice Department under Eric Holder sat on it as well.

Now let me tie in another failing investigation by the FBI – the mass shootings in Las Vegas. This horrible event took place October 1st – nearly a month ago – and, we know nothing more than we did one week following the event. We have seen a star witness disappear from sight for a few days…this same witness appeared for one interview on a national talk show, and provided nothing you’d expect from an eyewitness…and, that’s it! We have also been given multiple timelines, and disagreeing statements from the FBI and local law enforcement and first-responders. Additionally, we recently witnessed the burglary of the gunman’s home while it was supposedly being secured by the FBI…now, it comes out (again, after nearly a month) that the gunman’s laptop is “missing” the hard-drive.

Well, I am not a professional investigator, and, admittedly, I don’t have access to all the information and resources for this investigation; however, I can clearly see that either the FBI is staffed with incompetent people, or they are once again covering-up an important investigation. In either case, this needs to be looked into so the victims, their families, and the American people get answers…and, we are entitled to all the answers (unedited and accurate)…this constant state of deception and distractions has to end…the FBI and the DOJ need to start answering to the American people and not vice versa any longer.

The cover-ups need to stop and those doing it need to be held accountable…these people are criminals and it needs to end now.


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