Indictments, Deals, and Corruption

With the Mueller collusion farce troupe bringing indictments and copping deals, it’s becoming more intriguing to see how much effort the most dangerous people in our own government will go in order to distract from their real jobs and real responsibilities – just to sideshow their own involvement in crimes against the American people and our way of life.

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Today I am going to touch on some of the recent headlines…mainly, the indictment of Paul Manafort and Richard Gates…and, the secret guilty plea of George Papadopoulos.

First, I must say that Robert Mueller is seriously grasping for anything at this point to save himself. I read through the indictment and there is no indication, nor any mention of the Trump campaign, President Donald Trump, or collusion with the Russians – here is the full text of the indictment.

Basically, Manafort and Gates are being charged with crimes centering around their alleged involvement with Ukraine politics, which led to numerous accusations of tax crimes, money laundering crimes, and so forth. And, the dates listed in the indictment are fairly vague (at times) and seemed to be “umbrella’d” artificially to cover the dates they were involved with the Trump Campaign – although, no direct mention is made to that effect.


If these two are guilty of some of these charges, there isn’t really any correlation to the President nor to his campaign. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but Mueller was appointed to investigate the Trump campaign, and the possible collusion of the campaign with the Russians. Clearly, he is maneuvering to distract from his appointed task…and, since he has nothing – because, I believe there is nothing – he is turbo-charging the left and the media with something just to distract and obstruct and incite…he really needs to be removed from this investigation…and, I think the investigation needs to be steered back on course…and that course lies in the direction of Uranium One, Fusion GPS, the Clintons and Obamas, and much of their lackeys.

Now, another school of thought on this issue. If Manafort and Gates are indeed guilty, and possibly facing long prison sentences – and, based on the crimes they allegedly committed – then, it is obvious to me that they are quite susceptible to personal rewards…in other words, it makes sense to me that Mueller might be hoping to scare them badly enough so they say and do anything in order to get a deal.

If they are guilty, then they are already liars, and they have no problems defrauding anyone, including our government. I am not saying they are guilty, but if they are, then they are prime candidates for Mueller, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the FBI to “deal” them into becoming star “witnesses” to this witch hunt of a failed investigation they are supposed to be conducting. The FBI, DOJ, and Mueller all have ties to the scandal, and they clearly need a scapegoat, and now they might have two at their disposal – just my thoughts anyway…it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that is the direction this thing takes next – anything to keep the focus off the crimes of all those involved in investigating the crimes themselves.

Now, the “secret” guilty plea of George Papadopoulos – according to court documents, and as reported, he (Papadopoulos) made false statements…and impeded the FBI’s ongoing investigation into the existence of links or coordination between individuals associated with the Trump Campaign and the Russian government’s efforts to interfere with or influence the 2016 presidential election – that’s what Mueller’s team wrote in court documents, which became available on Monday.

Sarah Sanders said Monday in her press briefing that Papadopoulos had a limited role with the campaign. Stating he held a volunteer position and  no activity was ever done in an official capacity on behalf of the campaign in that regard. His actual plea agreement says the government will inform the sentencing judge of his cooperation with the Government – conditional on his continued cooperation with any and all matters as to “which the Government deems relevant”.

I understand plea deals, and I understand the importance of using leverage in order to get to the “root” of criminal activities that have some semblance of organization – it’s best to take down the boss or the mastermind, in other words. However, Mueller’s team is borderline with this one…by their own words, in my opinion. Like I stated earlier, they are fishing for the most vulnerable fish, then “dealing” their way to whatever outcome they want…it is bad for our country…it is dishonest, and it is corrupt in all respects…it is bullying without oversight, and without regard for the truth, and with complete disregard for responsibility and accountability to the people of this country.

This is the legacy the Obamas and Clintons have created. They lived by this corruption, and they involved so many others…they appear safe and untouchable, and they turn away while those they indoctrinated get skewered and pan-fried. The Clintons collected tons of money funneled through their foundation from some of Russia’s most corrupt officials…and, they sacrificed our national security just to make a buck. The Obamas have done the same, but from a different vantage point. Mr. Obama is nothing but a trouble-maker…he perfected his craft through “community organizing”…that’s all he does, is organize trouble, then watch from the sidelines while others fall on their face…all the while he is collecting on perfect alibis…I mean, was I the only one that noticed his “perfect alibi” during Charlottesville. Obama made it a point to tweet and make public his vacation in Italy, just before the riots…evidence and witnesses have already made known that is was a planned “riot event”…well, who planned it? Why did it disappear? And, isn’t it amazing how Obama was “publicly” vacationing in Italy when all the “community organized rioting” was being planned. Just something to think about anyway…maybe just a conspiracy (my dates are not perfect on this but there is definitely a correlation as far as I can tell), but I believe otherwise, considering the 16 years of corruption both the Clintons and Obamas lived at the expense of our great country…even during our darkest hours, we have had more hope and more unity than even a day under his administration.

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